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ウラーンバートル (ULAAN BAATAR)

         In Japan, it's not always about sushi and ramen but there are also lots of foreign restaurants. This is a famous Mongolian restaurant which is famous for the lamb meats called Ulaan Baatar. This restaurant is located in Ryogoku, Tokyo, Japan near the Ryogoku station. The food is really delicious and they also serve horse milk. The owner is a real Mongolian and you can hear Mongolian songs as a background music in the restaurant.

Here is the entrance to the shop. It's easy to find because they have a large yellow sign in front.
Ulaan Bataar

The specialty of the restaurant! Chopped lamb meat with 3 different dipping sauces.
You can really taste the juiciness of the meat and the portion is quite big :)
Chopped lamb meat

This is vegetables soup with lamb meats in it. It's very tasty.

Lamb meat and veggies soup

I forgot what is this but it's also filled with lamb meat.
I really recommend to try eating this. It's super delish! <3 Love it!

Lamb meat

And the last one is pastels with again, lamb meat inside! Yummy!

Lamb meat pastels

Please try it I'm sure you won't regret it >w< Lamb meat party! <3