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ジョナサン (JONATHAN'S)

            Jonathan's is one of many Italian-styled restaurant in Japan which you could easily find everywhere. I usually go to the one near Okubo station and it's one of my favourite to-go restaurant simply because it's affordable and the place has nice atmosphere and the food tastes good. If you like spaghetti or hamburg, I suggest you to try going here for a lunch. The other thing that I like is that they write the calories for all the food so if you're one who mind about calories and stuff it's really nice. :)

These are photos of some of the things that I usually order:

Yes, I love hamburg a lot since I came to Japan. They have many kind of hamburg style for the lunch menu with rice + soup set.

Jonathan's 001

Jonathan's 002

Jonathan's 003

Not forgot to mention that they do have lots of yummylicious desserts! If you have sweet tooth, I reccomend you to try these.
The one I really like is this anmitsu with green tea ice cream. You pour a hot green liquid onto it which suddenly turns to jelly and eat it.
Jonathan's 004

Not just hamburg, they actually have many more menu like pizzas, gratins, spaghettis, etc.
You can look for more detail here: