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お台場 (ODAIBA)

                 If you're going to visit Tokyo, you should also go to Odaiba. It's a place with lots of tourist spots and it's definitely included in one of my most recommended list. You can see an imitation of South California beach with uncomparable beauty, one of the most famous television tower in Japan, biggest ferris wheel in Japan, a real-life sized Gundam, Sega game center, and even Statue of Liberty without having to go to America! How's that sound? Pretty much a complete package for a trip, in my opinion. I've went here for 4 times already since I came to Japan last October and can't get enough of it :D

You can also ride a water bus from Asakusa here.

The closest one from Odaiba Kaihin Kouen Station is the Palette Town, with a ferris wheel inside called Daikanransha (大観覧車), literally means big ferris wheel. The ferris wheel has a diameter of 100 meters (328ft) and stands 115 meters (377ft) tall, making it the largest ferris wheel in Japan. You can see Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree and even up to Shinjuku's skyscraper districts from above. One ride will last about 15 mins and costs you 900 yen.

You'd never imagined seeing 75m replica of Statue of Liberty which is also located in Odaiba near the beach. At the back, you can see a glimpse of Rainbow Bridge.
Replica of Statue of Liberty

So, this is the close-up view of the Rainbow Bridge. Why does it called Rainbow Bridge? At night, the bridge will light up and the lights shine in rainbow colours and it's a very beautiful view to be seen.
Rainbow Bridge

This is the beach in Odaiba. You can sit around and chat while seeing the beauty of nature :D

The big building with a metal ball is the Fuji Television Tower. It's one of the most famous channel in Japan. I heard that you are permitted to go inside and sometimes you can see the shooting places of the programmes or dramas they're doing on in that time, but I've never went in myself. (I really want to see VS Arashi shooting place XD)
Fuji TV Tower

If you're a fan of Gundam series, you can also see a real-life sized Gundam here. Sometimes you can also see it moves, but don't expect too much about the moves XD

Eventhough I don't have other pictures of it, there are still a lot more to see in Odaiba, which are:


If you're a fan of SEGA, which is known for their game Sonic the Hedgehog, or just simply searching for a game center, this is the place to go. It's a three-floor indoor theme park with lots of fun arcades, coasters, rides, and even haunted house or photoshoot. Don't imagine the place as a usual game center because it's not. It's times more amazing than that. You can have a 1-day passport for 3500 yen or simply buy an entrance ticket or whatever types of ticket you'd like. It's perfect for kids and adults.
For more information, you can visit the site:
http://tokyo-joypolis.com/ (Japanese)
http://tokyo-joypolis.com/language/english/ (English)

  • Trick Art Museum

In Odaiba, there's also a trick ar museum with great arts inside and you can take lots of fun pictures! The museum is located on the 4th floor DECKS Tokyo Beach. You definitely have to bring your camera here. To go inside, you have to pay through a ticket machine. Adults cost 900 yen, and kids cost 600 yen. It's pretty much affordable.

  • Takoyaki Museum

It's not a museum, more like a big takoyaki only food court. It's located in the same building as Trick Art Museum so while you're there you can also go and take a look or even have some delicious takoyaki! They have a lot of varieties of takoyaki you can choose and there's a candy store nearby that sells lots of cute candies. On the same floor you can find a haunted house with a mission if you go inside and a fortune-teller (too bad you have to understand Japanese to know what she's talking about).

  • Legoland

Legoland is a place for kids, just in case you're travelling as a family. It's located inside DECKS on the 3rd floor. There are lots of attractions inside and also food court that sells yummy stuff. You can buy the tickets on the spot but if you book online, you can save your money a bit.
For more information, you can visit the site:
http://www.legolanddiscoverycenter.jp/tokyo/en/plan-your-visit/plan-your-visit.aspx (English)

It's really a fun trip and I hope you will go and pay a visit yourself :D